How does it work?

1 The first thing to do is to learn more about the organising committee or about the event.

2 Then, you can register to the conference. It is simple, quick and free!

3 Organise your journey through the conference by looking at the programme. You can spread the word about the conference by following us on Twitter, Facebook or by sending this leaflet by email.

leaflet with all information
Click on the image to get the leaflet pdf

4 A few days before the conference, we will send to the registered participants the links giving access to the conference online.
UPDATE (18/08/2020): all participants should have received at least one email with information regarding the conference. If you have not despite being registered, have a look at your spam box, it is likely our emails are there.

5 Conference time! There will be an unlisted live stream on YouTube (only registered participants will be able to access it), unlisted videos of the virtual-posters (again, only registered participants will be able to access it) and a Discord group where all community activities, networking, chats and discussions will be carried out. Everything can be accessed for free on a web browser on a computer or a smartphone. Live streams will be recorded and available on demand throughout the conference.

In some countries, it is not possible to access Google products (Google forms for registration and abstract submissions, YouTube for live streams). We are currently working on a solution for an additional live stream platform to broadcast the conference in these countries. If (and only if) you are in that case and would like to register or submit an abstract, please fill the forms below and send them back to: