Round tables

The Animal Behaviour Live: Round tables is a series of round tables gathering the animal behaviour community to discuss important matters in our field and in modern science. It is the opportunity to discuss and question our academic practices, with inclusivity at the heart of the series. Round tables are live streamed on YouTube, featuring experts and live interactions with attendees via the YouTube chat. Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept posted on the round table series.

2021 season — Round table series on Inclusivity in academia

#1 Round table on the accessibility of international conferences

29 January 2021, 2pm GMT

Our panel members for this round table will be Dr Claire Hann, Prof Ana Silva and Prof Stephen K. Boss. They will discuss and share their views on two main questions - How do aspects such as finances, language barrier, geographical location and other factors impact accessibility of international conferences? and What can be done to make conferences more accessible? and interact with attendees via the YouTube chat.

Dr Claire Hann

Prof Ana Silva

Prof Stephen K. Boss