Annual Online Conference

The Animal Behaviour Live: Annual Online Conference, our flagship annual conference, returns for a third edition (see the previous editions). It is a two-day event highlighting animal behaviour research from across the globe. We focus on ensuring sustainability and inclusivity in science. The next edition of the Animal Behaviour Live: Annual Online Conference will be live streamed via YouTube on 17–18 November 2022.

Call for abstracts

We invite all researchers, from master's students to experienced researchers, to submit an abstract for Animal Behaviour Live: Annual Online Conference 2022. Click here for more information regarding abstract submissions (deadline: 21 Sept. 2022).


If you are interested in attending this online meeting, please register here. Although conference registration is free, registration is mandatory and only those registered will receive the link to attend the meeting.

Plenary speakers

This year also we have a wonderful set of plenaries from around the globe, including:

Pr. Madeleine Beekman
Why I love studying honeybees
Emeritus Professor of Evolutionary Biology, The University of Sydney, Australia (Website)
Pr. Elizabeth Tibbetts
How communication, cognition, and flexible hormone titers mediate social competence in paper wasps
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Michigan, USA (Website)
Pr. Hema Somanathan
Bees beyond twilight
Professor at the School of Biology of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananthapuram, India (Website)
Pr. Erica van de Waal
Lab cognition going wild: field experiments on vervet monkeys
Professor at the Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne, Switzerland (Website)
Pr. Leticia Avilés
Professor at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (Website)

Communication kit

Help us communicate about this event! Follow us and share our tweets on Twitter and download our flyer. It is available in three colours and ready to be printed and put on display in your university department.

Flyer you can use in all digital communications. Printer ready version also available.

A sense of community

Plenary talks, talks and virtual-posters will be broadcasted on our YouTube channel during the event. A Discord group will also be provided to the registered participants. Discord is an online application for messaging and audio communication. Using this platform, we aim to gather all participants in one place to extend discussions with talk and virtual-poster speakers, catalyse networking, advertise professional opportunities and have fun.

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