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Animal Behaviour Live: Seminar series is a series of seminars featuring researchers in animal behaviour from all over the world to promote the latest findings in our field.

Animal Behaviour Live: Round tables is a series of round tables gathering the animal behaviour community to discuss important matters in our field and in modern science. It is the opportunity to discuss and question our academic practices. Our 2024 Round Table Series focuses on the theme Scientific publishing. We will discuss factors and challenges acting on the publishing system that shapes contemporary science.

Seminars and Round tables are live streamed on YouTube, featuring experts and live interactions with attendees via the YouTube chat. Most of our past events are available on demand below. You can use the tags to filter for your interests.

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Past events


  • 25 June · Bee-haviour to ‘Save the Bees’ seminar bees pesticides pollination cognition
  • 13 May · Open research and publication metrics roundtable academia open access scientific publishing
  • 26 March · Eavesdroppers and robbers and spies, oh my! Decision-making by foraging bees seminar bees decision-making behavioural ecology
  • 2023

  • 26 September · Bees and Blobs: exploring the decoy effect in bee colonies and giant amoebas seminar bees blob decision-making
  • 29 August · Chemosensory reception and task division in stingless bees seminar bees
  • 25 July · Socioeconomic background in academia roundtable socioeconomic background academia
  • 30 May · Understanding animals: behavior and welfare entangled seminar welfare wild animals behavioural ecology
  • 25 April · Women in science roundtable women in science academia
  • 28 March · Simple tricks to fool smart ants seminar ants cognition swarm intelligence
  • 31 January · The role that ethnicity plays in academia roundtable ethnicity academia
  • 2022

  • 30 August · Where beauty hides: spiders as models for elegant research and educational inspiration seminar spiders sexual selection behavioural ecology
  • 26 July · Differences in the post-hatch behaviour of two common Nigerian indigenous chicken ecotypes seminar chicken parental care welfare farming
  • 28 June · Song, Flight and Death: Benefits and costs of acoustic communication in crickets and katydids seminar crickets katydids mate choice behavioural ecology
  • 31 May · Digging in: What are tucos-tucos revealing about subterranean sociality? seminar rodents mammals sociality
  • 26 April · Transitions in the Study of Social Evolution in Reef Fish Societies seminar fish sociality behavioural ecology
  • 29 March · The evolution, parasitic exploitation and molecular regulation of social behaviours in Temnothorax ants seminar ants parasitism molecular regulation integrative biology
  • 2021

  • 28 September · Deciphering intrasexual competition in females: Lessons from antelope, lizards and mosquitoes seminar antelopes lizards mosquitoes behavioural ecology intrasexual competition
  • 27 August · Studying the behavior of free-ranging Brazilian nonhuman primates seminar primates mammals
  • 12 August · Smart Sharks seminar fish shark cognition
  • 28 May · Fascinating anomalies: understanding social parasitism by an African honey bee clone seminar bees parasitism
  • 29 January · The accessibility of international conferences roundtable academia accessibility